Machine learning for better investing brings easy, explainable AI to investment professionals. Our cloud-based platform, Boosted Insights, offers proprietary, finance-specific machine learning that augments idea generation and portfolio construction. Based on your financial expertise, Boosted learns and identifies patterns that generate additional opportunities in your portfolio. No background in coding or data science needed.


Investment managers—particularly those running active, fundamental strategies—have been in a state of upheaval for years as a result of broader industry forces. In that timeframe, nice-to-have advanced portfolio management techniques, like big data ingestion, have become mission-critical to success. allows all portfolio managers and their teams to easily harness the power of machine learning to augment their existing investment processes, source new ideas and manage risks. Here’s how we do it:

Augmented Intelligence

Your investing expertise paired with’s proprietary, finance-specific machine learning algorithms lead to improved idea generation, accuracy and risk management for your portfolio.

Predictive Models

Create models using any of our thousands of pre-loaded variables or customize with your own data to optimize your portfolio goals.

Easy To Use

Boosted Insights is accessible to any investment professional, anywhere. No coding, data science or engineering experience required, and no special hardware is needed.

Why machine learning?

You think you want big data. What you need are actionable insights for your portfolio. Our finance specific machine learning algorithms complement your investment process.


Machine learning can analyze data points in real-time at a scale and scope unmatched by humans. It helps identify non-intuitive relationships between data and securities, minimizing error in predictions, improving risk management, and helping you make better decisions.

Boosted Insights in action

We bridge the gap between machine learning and your finance expertise.


Create your own models by selecting the investment universe, variables, time horizon, goals and more.


Want to see for yourself?

Testimonials helps us create optimal models to screen for the best ideas in our universe. Our analysis shows that we add more alpha when we combine our conviction—both long and short—with that of the models from Boosted. It has been a predictable, explainable and additive process for our team.


$600 million European based Long/Short Hedge Fund has become an integral part of our team’s research process in identifying equity short positions. The platform is easy to use and efficiently highlights relationships that aren’t always obvious, which allows us to have a first mover advantage in selecting stocks that help us meet our objectives.

Portfolio Manager
$1B US based Long/Short Hedge Fund


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