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We founded in 2017 to bring the value of easy to use, fully explainable machine learning to institutional investors.

Machine learning is revolutionizing every facet of modern life. Investment management is not immune. Our team takes on the heavy lifting of data science and algorithm development, so you don’t have to.

Founded by experienced entrepreneurs who have honed their machine learning talent at industry leading firms like Bloomberg, Amazon and Microsoft, backed by a team of seasoned investment professionals, we are uniquely positioned to revolutionize investment management.

Joshua Pantony

Co-Founder & CEO

Nicholas Abe

Co-Founder & COO/CFO

Jonathan Dorando

Co-Founder & CTO

Kang Sun

Director of Data Science

Philip Tregenza

Director of Product

Spencer Reich

Partner & Chief Revenue Officer

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Porter Fraker

Managing Director, Sales

Davison Westmoreland

Director of Customer Success

Board of Advisors

Patrick McCormack, CFA
William Tatham
Ray Williams
Aman R. Patel, CFA
Parth Vasa

Board of Directors

Adam Felesky
Scott Beattie

The Team


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