Our Platform: Boosted Insights

Utilize machine learning to create and analyze portfolios with our product. Find alpha within our massive datasets of financials, economic data and estimates. No data science or engineering skills required.

Our machine learning platform augments idea generation and portfolio construction.



You control all inputs in the process by selecting your investment universe, features, investment horizon, goals, and more. 

Investment Universe:

  • Choose an index or define stocks that meet your criteria (i.e. sector, market cap, trading volume)

Investment Features:

  • Financial (i.e. revenue growth, earnings yield, analyst estimates)

  • Economic (i.e. GDP, inflation, interest rates)

  • Alternative Data (i.e. credit card, store traffic, cell phone)

Investment Horizon: 

  • Choose re-balancing and holding periods


  • Returns

  • Alpha

  • Key performance indicators (i.e. revenues, earnings)

  • Volatility


Machine Learning

Boosted.ai's propietary, finance-specific machine learning algorithms identify patterns based on your unique inputs. 

Boosted highlights what features drove the machine learning decisions and outcomes. 


Idea Generation

Your stock universe is dynamically ranked based on your goals and objectives.


Finished Model

A predictive model is created that you can analyze and backtest. All client data inputs and models are completely secure in the cloud and accessible only to them. 


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